Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here is a few things we have been up to lately!

We have been so crazy I haven't
posted much lately, so here is a quick
peek at a little bit of our busy-ness!

Tanner has been scoring a few touchdowns!

Aunt Shannon put together a Harvest Dash right here in Newdale
We had a great time running!

We always sqeeze in a little recreation ....from water

to growing doing a little art taking a few scooter rides!

One of the big trees in front of our old house fell down in the night and smashed Aunt Shannon's pick-up across the all three big trees had to come down! Very sad and very weird to see our house that way. It took two full days of clean up and almost all day power outage for half our town because a tree fell on the power line and broke the power pole right in was also rotting!(I'll post some pictures of the pick-up later)

Our Anniversary!

Thanks for a wonderful 12 years!

Carter's birthday!
Already FIVE!

this is a little Frog...he has been begging for it for weeks!

And we of course had our 1st day of School!

Parker 5th grade- Mr. VanWagner

Tanner 2nd grade- Mrs. Coles

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