Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Halloween...Finally!

Can't believe Halloween has come and gone already! Great Memories! Mr. Pumpkin himself gave us a visit!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Holy Trees!

Here is the pictures of our trees at our old house....and there is a pick-up under there if you look close! (this is a side view of all the trees that had to come down)
Hit one pick-up and completely missed the other!

How sad!
This is the last root....humongous!
And now this is what it looks likes!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here is a few things we have been up to lately!

We have been so crazy I haven't
posted much lately, so here is a quick
peek at a little bit of our busy-ness!

Tanner has been scoring a few touchdowns!

Aunt Shannon put together a Harvest Dash right here in Newdale
We had a great time running!

We always sqeeze in a little recreation ....from water

to growing doing a little art taking a few scooter rides!

One of the big trees in front of our old house fell down in the night and smashed Aunt Shannon's pick-up across the all three big trees had to come down! Very sad and very weird to see our house that way. It took two full days of clean up and almost all day power outage for half our town because a tree fell on the power line and broke the power pole right in was also rotting!(I'll post some pictures of the pick-up later)

Our Anniversary!

Thanks for a wonderful 12 years!

Carter's birthday!
Already FIVE!

this is a little Frog...he has been begging for it for weeks!

And we of course had our 1st day of School!

Parker 5th grade- Mr. VanWagner

Tanner 2nd grade- Mrs. Coles

Monday, September 28, 2009

Seven Month Old Already

I can't believe
how time has passed
Kolter has been the best so fun!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Turning "8" is Really Great !!!!

Tanner's baptism day!!! What a beautiful day!
We are so blessed to have such wonderful and supportive family to be surrounded by on special days like this!

Here is Tanner and his dad that baptized him! Tanner said the water was really cold and when he came out of the water he let out a little gasp! He will always remember that :)

Thanks everyone who traveled to be with us! We love you all!

Here is some pictures of our really great kid! He really is a joy in our lives! He is a hard worker who is always looking for something to do to help someone out. When he sets his mind to something he can do whatever he wants! We love him and we are very proud of him and his decision he has made to be baptized!

Tanner had a Birthday Shout Hooray!

Thank goodness for Grandma B! She always comes thru with awesome birthday cakes! Happy Birthday Tanner we all love you!
We met everyone at Mcdonald's for lunch, fun and of course cupcakes!

No surprise to us all Tanner wanted to do was go fishing! We had a great time but only caught a few snags!

We had so much fun in the dirt and smoke we had to end the day in a good old bubble bath !

Yipee! Our house is finally done!

We finally moved in! We got to move the end of June and our lives have been a little turned upside down between getting unpacked and fitting in all our summer fun! Hopefully we can get caught up!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Can't Believe He is 10!!!!

It seems like just yesterday he was our baby he is 10!

He is such a fun kid...happy, fun-loving, just go with the flow kid! We love him....our family is just much much more fun with him in it...that is for sure!

A day packed full of fun, presents, parties & baseball!

(Ya...barely enough hours in one day)

He is a bit accident you see he had a header with a desk at school and I think the carpet may have got the better of him also! He loved telling everyone that he slid into home plate...but I am not sure how many believed him!

Happy Birthday Parker We Love You

Kolter's Blessing!

We had a wonderful day celebrating our sweet baby boy that we love so much!

What a joy he is in our lives already!