Sunday, March 6, 2011

Say Cheese!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Holy Moly he turns 11 !!!

The day Parker turned 11 there was a Boy Scout camp out!

So he spent his birthday at his first scout camp out. He had a blast but his mom was at home having a heart attack! She was very glad to have him home the next day safe and sound!

Parker loves to play baseball, ride horses, play hunting video games, shoot birds, ride four-wheelers, draw, and he still has a wild imagination!

Here is his cake he decorated himself...his favorite Nintendo DS!

Happy Birthday Parker!

Cub Scouts

This is Parker's last of Cub Scouts. He is turning 11(aughhhh)!

He earned his weblo

Also earned his Arrow of Light award! We are really proud of you and all your hard work Parker!

It's Your Birthday! Look who is already 3!!!

Ashlyn is a full on princess!! She is in LOVE with PINK and anything princess!

Grandma B made her this fantastic princess cake and as you can see she LOVES it.

She says "Daddy is MY prince and he loves to dance with ME!"

She sees little baby cousin Braylee and says "Oh, I just love her soooooo much!"

She is her own self and no one tells her what to do...we love her spunk and the femine touch she is in our family.

He is already 1 !!!

Man did that year go by so so so fast! Kolter has been an absolute joy in our home!
with his deep raspy giggle he can brighten anyone's day!
Kolters favorite things:
Telephones... TV Remote(only the real one)... Computer...
Stairs(even though he can't go down them yet)... Dad... Mom... Bananas... Water faucet
Enjoying his first birthday cake! Yum Yum!

So messy we had to spray him down after!
(loving getting to play in the faucet)

Happy Birthday Baby!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Introducing the Newest member of our Family!

This is Buddy! He is a Springer Spaniel. As you can see I wasn't really sure about the idea of having a puppy at first. (we just haven't had the best luck with dogs)
But We really Love him!

Our niece Shelby got married a couple of weeks ago! I can't believe how she
is all grown-up! Congrats you Cute Couple! Doesn't she look beautiful! Ashlyn was mesmerized by her all night
we had to have a picture with her :)

Here Ashlyn is watching Shelby's every move and
constantly commenting how pretty the "Princess Bride" is!
When they cut the cake and Shelby threw her boquet she hardly moved a muscle...
I think she was waiting for the prince to sweep Shelby right off her feet
to a dance!(she thinks that what happens when you get married is you dance...hey why not!)