Friday, January 30, 2009

Pine Wood Derby

Parker very proud of his Colts pick-up! Hoping it will be moving really fast!
He won most Creative!

Parker and his friend Tristen showing off their creations!

No talking Tanner out of it...It's time for Bread Making!

Tanner decided we needed to make bread with his grain he harvested this fall!!! He pretty much did it all on his own with as little assitance as we would let him! The bread turned out moist and really delicious!

Yeah! It is finally looking like a house!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

We have been looking back on 2008 and all the memories we are a few of our favorite moments!

We have had quite the you can see it tuckered a few of us right out!

Besides two really exciting weddings.....
Congratulation Aunt Mindy and Uncle Irven!!!

Ashlyn of course thinks that Mindy is the most beautiful Princess Bride!

And then we celebrated a little more!!!
Congratulations to Uncle Bubba and Aunt Megan!

A couple of really cute cousins (Alyssa & Ashlyn)

We did fit a few wagon rides in with Grandpa Harris, Carter is front and center of course enjoying every minute of the front seat next to Grandpa.

We were really ready for fishing this year since Grandma & Pa B got all the boys their own new poles and tackle boxes for Christmas last year ....that was a long wait until spring to use them!

Congratulations!! Carter caught the first fish of 2008.....also the only fish for that fishing trip...oh well we still had lots of fun!

I guess we did find some time for a catastrophe....but get a little girl in pink and everything is all good. Bless her heart she was a good sport!

We do love sports so we loved going to practices and games to cheer on the Boys.

Parker played on pee wee for his first time and played awesome, hit some great hits and improved a ton...Way to go Parker!!!

Tanner also enjoyed some knothole baseball especially since he was lucky enough to have his own dad coach.

He was the star all right!

Then Football Season came and the fun began again!
Parker got lucky and got to be Team Colts...our favorite team.
He was quite the flag grabber...awesome job!

Tanner got to play with his best friend Hayden Crapo and between Hayden's passing and Tanner's catching and making touchdowns there was no stopping this little team!

Oh ya....we do have a few cowboys in our family too!
One of our favorite things to do in the summer is go horse riding in the mountains and we do it as much as we can. Parker and Tanner have even got big enough to go on a few rides with just Dad and Grandpa Layne! They love it!

This little cowboy doesn't let us forget that he loves to ride too!

We really can't help but love the softer pink side of our family. As tough as these boys want to be nothing melts there heart more than a smile or giggle from this little sister. They are constantly loving her!

We have had a great 2008 but we are ready to JUMP right into 2009 for another great year!

Merry Christmas!

The anticipation is already killing us!
When is it time for bed????

Happy Holidays!

Our Holidays have been a success starting from the jammies
on Christmas Eve to all the partying on New Years!