Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Kolter!

Here is a picture we had taken of Kolter when he was just a week old...
I can't wait to get the rest back.


Ammon & Ali said...

That is so sweet! I've never seen one like that, I like it. He's super cute Holly!

Kimberly Hill said...

Hello--this is Kim Hill, hope it's okay to stop by your blog and check out your adorable kids. Congrats on the baby, he's so cute!!! And the house!! how fun, can't wait to see it when we come over. Tell Shayne hi for me. Hope to see you all soon,
Kim Hill

Earl Family said...

What a surprise to see your comment on my blog! Thank you. Your family is adorable. Congratulations on the new little one. Wow! 5 kids! How are you doing it? Four kids is a handful for me, I can't imagine one more. Your family is darling.

Craftie said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! LOVE the picture!! Hope you're doing well!